Network Outsourcing

Let us help you lay the building blocks of your business, starting by connecting you to the world out there.

We cover the designing and building of your network from scratch, giving you the most extensive tailored solutions and infrastructure that suits the nature of your business.

  1. Consultation with SG.GS – We conduct a consultation session with you to tally your requirements and propose a suitable solution for your business.
  2. Design & Build – We start planning the skeleton of your network, and conduct system integration so that adapting is no obstacle. We get you up and running without hassle and in the quickest possible time.

Bringing you a cost-effective network solution and a quality global network for your business with scalability, our Build/Operate/Transfer model also ensures that latency, security, location and other structural issues are duly considered.

Last but not least, we provide round the clock service support and maintenance that assures continuous service operations.

  • Remote Hands Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Network Design & Build for Transmission and IP Networks
  • Hardware Supply
  • Build/Operate/Transfer Model Available