A Flexible & Dynamic

Solution for You

We operate a global packet-meshed network that spans over multiple international cable systems designed to offer highest level of network resiliency. We are connected directly to 3200 peers over 32 major IXs globally to ensure the lowest latency for your connectivity requirement.

Why Choose SG.GS

Flexibility Takes Charge in Modern Connectivity Solutions

  • We offer flat rate charging scheme on popular routes across the global network where pricing 100M and below is based on bandwidth and not distance.
  • We take away the need to sign up with a long-term solution, offering 1-month contract terms that give you connectivity, only when you need it.
  • At SG.GS, we let the quality of our services speak for itself

Virtual PoP

Our virtual Points of Presence (vPoP) provides a cost-effective and scalable Layer 2 network service, via our global network.


Carrier Ethernet

Our Carrier Ethernet network spans an extensive coverage of over 80 Data Centres; providing you with reliable international connectivity at major cities across the globe.


Internet Services

When it comes to internet connectivity, our IP Transit provides a cost effective and reliable solution that keeps you linked up to the Internet at high speeds and low latencies.


IX Extend

Connected to 32 Internet Exchanges (IXs) globally, we reduce the distance between you and the networks you wish to connect with.


Network Outsourcing

SG.GS is proud to establish itself as an expert in network connectivity. Let us help you lay the building blocks of your business, starting from connecting you to the world out there.


Our Network and Peering