IX Peering

Global peering
without barriers

Peer everywhere, from anywhere with direct or remote access to the world’s most popular Internet Exchanges

Easily access global IXs remotely

80 international IXs

Access IXs such as SGIX, HKIX, JPNAP, KINX, AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX, DATAIX, NYIIX and many more

1Gbps - 10Gbps

Access digital ecosystems with scalable Layer 2 connections and flexible bandwidth over 1GE, 10GE or 100GE ports

27 markets

With a strong global presence and thriving digital ecosystem, 15 of our 27 markets are located throughout APAC

What is IX Peering?

Reach further without physical barriers. SG.GS’ IX Peering offers the strategic advantage of seamless local and remote interconnection at Internet Exchanges (IX) around the world.

By expanding connectivity to our IX partners customers gain access to key digital ecosystems, without the constraints of physical proximity, but all the benefits of peering, such as network performance and cost optimisations. 

Why should you choose SG.GS for IX Peering?

With our IX Peering, you can effortlessly connect to global Internet Exchanges (IXs) and enjoy smooth, headache-free interconnection with key partners. We take care of the technical details, ensuring your network can thrive and grow, no matter where it's located.

Global IX access

Effortlessly scale your network's reach to over 80 Internet Exchanges through a single global infrastructure partner.

Cut costs and maximise performance

Optimise costs and network performance with Layer 2 peering connections, eliminating the need to extend your physical infrastructure locally and reducing latency by bypassing intermediary networks.

Easy ecosystem expansion

Effortlessly link up to diverse IXs globally, enabling rapid access to new markets, regions, partners and customers, with the best traffic routing for optimal performance.

Who is IX Peering for?

With the rise of integrated platforms and need for increased geographical reach, networks can use IX Peering to exchange data with key partners and support expansion into new markets, technologies and customers.

Infrastructure Providers

Establish resilient and scalable network infrastructure for peering with local, regional and international networks without additional capital investment for new market deployments.

Digital Businesses

Integrate with multiple diverse ecosystems, such as cloud-based infrastructure, digital payment gateways, eyeball networks, and others, to establish a reliable network foundation that supports business growth.

Data & Analytics

Scale data aggregation efforts through scalable peering connectivity to platforms with diverse data sets and multiple network endpoints.

Data Centres & Hosting

Empower interconnected colocation architectures with access to digital ecosystems in other data centre locations, enabling location attractiveness without network deployment.

Cloud, Content & Collaboration Platforms

Interconnect with major network ecosystems on multiple platforms to boost cloud, content and conferencing solution delivery for high-quality end-user experiences.

Customised solutions designed for you

Design, build and connect global markets with scalable network solutions, offering flexible capacity and customisable features.

Where to find us

Meet the SG.GS team at a number of global events over the coming months.