Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Your corridor
to the Internet

End the battle for bandwidth with dedicated access to the Internet

Dedicated Internet
built for speed

Up to 16 IPs

Comprehensive provisioning options available

100Mbps to 100Gbps

A wide range of bandwidth options

80 premier IXPs

Strong affiliations and partnerships

What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

Totally private and incredibly fast, DIA is a business-grade internet connection for infrastructure providers and digital businesses looking for SLA-backed internet service.

Why should you choose SG.GS for Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

Experience seamless global internet access with our DIA solution, designed to cater specifically to the dynamic and rapidly growing Asia Pacific market. As a well-established global entity with strong peering networks and affiliations with 80 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) worldwide, we can help your business effortlessly expand its reach.

Hassle-free setup

Simplify your journey with our super easy process—there’s no need for your own ASN or IP space. We provide a /30 (1 usable IP address) for all DIA services as standard, with the ability to scale up to a /28 upon request.

Extensive APAC network

Benefit from our extensive global coverage with Asia Pacific density, including routing options in China, powered by local customers, strategic partnerships and upstreams like NTT/Tata.

Lightning-fast connections, as you want them

Premium and scalable internet access across 27 markets to data centres and off-net. Tailor your internet access with resiliency and presentation solutions (such as OOB), rDNS configuration, and multiple IPs.

Who is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) for?

SG.GS' Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) delivers premium and scalable internet access, designed to meet the critical needs of businesses, where guaranteed internet performance and uptime are non-negotiable.

Infrastructure Providers

Establish resilient and scalable internet access with zero congestion, enabling direct access to local or global resources underpinned by our comprehensive SLA.

Digital Businesses

Integrate regional locations with global internet access, for multinational expansion and a reliable network foundation that supports business growth.

Cloud, Content & Collaboration Platforms

Empower interconnected colocation architectures by offering scalable and secure internet connectivity, enabling location attractiveness without network deployment.

SD-WAN/SASE Providers

Enable business-grade underlay infrastructure for innovative overlay software stacks, delivering full internet connectivity and fully supported by comprehensive SLAs.

Managed IT Providers

Interconnect multiple off-net endpoints globally through a single internet provider, fully monitored and optimised for reliability to support enterprise business infrastructure.

Customised solutions designed for you

Design, build and connect global markets with scalable network solutions, offering flexible capacity and customisable features.

Where to find us

Meet the SG.GS team at a number of global events over the coming months.