Global network solutions with local reach

Expand across APAC and beyond with SG.GS. As your friendly, experienced partner, we bring you global network solutions with a local reach. Experience the power of connectivity without physical barriers.

Our network

Established in Asia Pacific but expanding globally, our network reaches far and wide. With over 20 years of organic infrastructure building experience, we've built a highly resilient global network across major and emerging markets, interconnected with multiple subsea routes worldwide. Check out our extensive reach through our interactive map and see how we interconnect the world.

PoPs -
Fiber Cables -
Offices -

Densely connected

We have interconnected multiple cross-region subsea cables to deliver unrivalled service stability, latency and capacity requirements across our network in established interconnection hubs.

Local expertise

Established in Asia-Pacific before expanding globally, we have one of the densest network coverages across the region, providing access to 80 data centres across 13 markets and strong partnerships with local tail providers.

High performance

We have one of the most integrated IP networks in the world (AS24482), with over 7800+ interconnected peers across 80 Internet Exchanges, providing some of the lowest latency routes to APAC eyeballs in the industry-find out for yourself on our looking glass.

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