Ethernet Private Line

Your dedicated lane on the Internet highway

Expand your reach globally, with fast, secure and reliable private interconnection

Tailored bandwidth solutions for your growing data demands 

100Mbps to 100Gbps

Bandwidth available across 1GE to 100GE ports

9000 bytes

Maximum transmission unit (MTU) packet size

27 markets

With a strong global presence and 15 in APAC

33 subsea cables

Integrated into our global backbone for route optionality

What is Ethernet Private Line (EPL)?

SG.GS' EPL offers effortless scalability of your network with dedicated, Layer 2 point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connections.  

It delivers protected, high-capacity metro, regional or international connections between different SG.GS or partner network endpoints, while removing the security and performance risks of the public Internet.

Why should you choose SG.GS for Ethernet Private Line?

Explore the flexibility of our EPL service to effortlessly adjust your bandwidth and match data capacity to your evolving business and data requirements. With an extensive global network, we’ll ensure your data gets where it needs to be, quickly and efficiently.

Interconnect any endpoints, anywhere

Our integrated partner network, including local relationships for Last Mile, make it possible to deliver connections faster and further than other network providers, even into the most remote locations.

A network you can rely on

Our carrier-grade, self-healing network has in-built, automated protection measures, safeguarding your traffic from disruptions and minimising downtime.

Enhanced diversity and resilience

Our global network incorporates 33 subsea cables, offering a wealth of route options for enhanced diversity and resiliency across your global architecture. 

Who is EPL for?

EPL is the solution-of-choice for businesses who want scalable, highly-resilient connections between data centres, local addresses or edge locations that are totally private and fully supported by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Infrastructure Providers

Establish resilient and scalable network infrastructure for backbone or customer requirements tailored to bespoke needs.

Digital Businesses

Integrate directly with customers or providers to ensure a secure and reliable network foundation that supports dynamic business growth.

Data & Analytics

Scale data generation and analytic collection with a high-capacity, secure, and reliable network that facilitates aggregation.

Data Centres & Hosting

Empower distributed hosting architectures with highly resilient and secure integration between data centre locations.

Cloud, Content & Collaboration Platforms

Privately interconnect with major networks to enhance platform delivery for optimal end-user experiences.

Customised solutions designed for you

Design, build and connect global markets with scalable network solutions, offering flexible capacity and customisable features.

Where to find us

Meet the SG.GS team at a number of global events over the coming months.