Last Mile

Don’t let your data
fall at the last mile

Connect your off-net buildings, remote offices, or edge locations with seamless Last Mile connectivity

Eliminating the weak link
in the data chain

15 APAC markets

Extensive tails coverage and network density in APAC markets

10Mbps to 10Gbps

Scalable bandwidth options available

100FE, 1GE and 10GE

Ports available, for maximum flexibility

What is Last Mile?

SG.GS' Last Mile provides a physical connection from off-net buildings, remote offices, or edge locations to SG.GS' global network infrastructure, to ensure consistent and high-speed delivery of local network services. With an extensive ecosystem of local access partners, we enable the last link in the complete connectivity chain, removing the complexities of local delivery for global data access.

Why should you choose SG.GS for Last Mile?

Our Last Mile service is a Layer 2 Ethernet tail that connects seamlessly with our local partners. Together, we make sure you get access to our international network, bringing a range of services right to your doorstep, be it a data centre, office, or remote site. Enjoy the convenience of services like EPL, IP Transit, DIA, Cloud Connect, and more with ease.

Extensive local provider ecosystem

Expand your network's global footprint effortlessly across 27 global markets, connecting to numerous local addresses via a unified global infrastructure partner.

Seamless delivery

Edge-to-edge service activation, delivered by our local delivery teams, making your Last Mile service seamless as your data approaches its final destination.

Customisable solution

Leverage our extensive network of local access providers, as we act as your global aggregator with deep provider connections, particularly across the Asia Pacific region.

Who is Last Mile for?

Last Mile provides a physical connection between off-net locations and SGGS's global backbone, delivered through local access partners for infrastructure providers or digital businesses that require connectivity into and between their sites. With our global ecosystem of partners, networks can expand into the most remote addresses.

Infrastructure Providers

Establish dedicated and local network infrastructure to off-net locations. We’ll deliver across our global backbone to required PoPs for your specific backbone or customer requirements.

Digital Businesses

Integrate the most remote off-net locations into a global backbone, or deliver premium internet access to enable secure and dedicated data transfers for solution architectures that scale with your business.

Cloud, Content & Collaboration Platforms

Empower interconnected hybrid cloud and colocation architectures with dedicated and secure access to platforms that deliver optimal end-user experiences.

SD-WAN/SASE Providers

Enable business-grade underlay infrastructure for innovative overlay software stacks, delivered with or without internet connectivity and fully supported by comprehensive SLAs.

Managed IT Providers

Interconnect multiple network endpoints globally into a single backbone provider, fully monitored and optimised for reduced latency and improved efficiency.

Customised solutions designed for you

Design, build and connect global markets with scalable network solutions, offering flexible capacity and customisable features.

Where to find us

Meet the SG.GS team at a number of global events over the coming months.