DC Wave

Your bridge between
data centres

High-capacity, DWDM metro connectivity between data centres

Customisable, dedicated DC Wave solutions

10Gbps and 100Gbps

Seamless Layer 1 connectivity options in our enabled DWDM Metros

33 subsea cables

Integrated into our global backbone for route optionality

20+ data centres

Connected in our key DWDM metro, Singapore


With protection options and enhanced resilience

What is DC Wave?

DC Wave is our premium Layer 1 point-to-point metro wavelength service between data centres, for infrastructure providers looking for a dedicated, high-capacity and secure backbone network.

Why should you choose SG.GS for DC Wave?

Thanks to our exceptional Singapore DWDM Metro, combined with our robust local partnerships and expertise, SG.GS’ DC Wave is difficult to match via other providers. As the leaders in the region, we proudly boast an extensive network, solidifying our position as the go-to choice for APAC.

Our local expertise

Our DC Wave Solution comes with full management and local support right here in Singapore, where we proudly stand as one of the largest DC2DC providers.

Carrier-grade resiliency

Experience an outstanding Optical Layer 1 service, with protection capabilities, enabling automatic route failover for resiliency if required.

Pre-deployed or custom design

Choose a custom design or utilise pre-deployed capacity for a super-quick turnaround on major routes. You have the option to choose the route between DC locations, with dual paths enabled in all locations.

Who is DC Wave for?

DC Wave provides dedicated DWDM connectivity to various infrastructure providers or digital businesses that require guaranteed performance for their critical applications. With our dense optical metros, networks can design and expand their backbone with high-capacity routes, without the need for significant capital outlay.

Infrastructure Providers

Establish dedicated and high-capacity network infrastructure for backbone or customer requirements to other infrastructure providers such as subsea cables, international carriers or remote DC ecosystems.

Digital Businesses

Integrate a high-capacity backbone between diverse locations, enabling secure and dedicated data transfer for resilient solution architectures that scale with business growth.

Data & Analytics

Scale data generation and analytics operations with a high-capacity, dedicated and secure network that supports large volume data transfers.

Data Centres & Hosting

Empower interconnected colocation architectures with access to digital ecosystems in other data centre locations, increasing connectivity options at specific locations, without network deployment.

Cloud, Content & Collaboration Platforms

Privately interconnect with major networks to enhance platform capability delivery for optimal end-user experiences.

Customised solutions designed for you

Design, build and connect global markets with scalable network solutions, offering flexible capacity and customisable features.

Where to find us

Meet the SG.GS team at a number of global events over the coming months.