About Us

Start Getting Great Service

SG.GS is a global network service provider that commits to providing customer orientated services.

Our focus is:

  • low latency and full resilience services
  • flexible contractual arrangements
  • customised network designs
  • precise pre/post sales support

SG.GS is your reliable partner for you to provide great services to your customers.

We operate a global packet-meshed network that spans over multiple international cable systems designed to offer highest level of network resiliency. We connect directly to 3200 peers over 32 major IXs globally to ensure the lowest latency for your connectivity requirement.



Providing dynamic options that suit your purposes

With a ceaseless commitment to providing network capacities that offer low latencies, we provide the following suite of services to help you to pick the best solution suited for your business:

  • Virtual PoP
  • Carrier Ethernet
  • Internet Services
  • IX Extend
  • Network Outsourcing

Experience excellence as we connect you to the world!


Why Choose SG.GS

Service Resiliency

Our global network is constructed around key hubbing cities and across multiples cables with at least east west route for network diversity.

Customized solution

We provide customized solutions and services to meet customers’ requirements. Some examples of customizations are:

  • Route optimization
  • Hybrid network
  • DDoS protection on IP Transit

Flexible service contract

As final solution is normally made up of various components; it is often a challenge to match the start and end dates of each of the services. As our on-net service is normally a portion of the overall solutions; we provide flexible service term for your easy management.

Instead of you having to commit to a long-term contract that may bind you to a service beyond what you require. We take away the need to sign up on a long-term basis by offering pay-as-you-use that gives you connectivity, only when you need it.

Carrier Ethernet flat rate for on-net services

In line with our mission to find the best-fit solution for your needs, we offer competitive pricing structures that are based on bandwidths and not distance. This flat-rate packages are offered on our most popular routes in our global network.

Great customer service

At SG.GS, we let the quality of our services speak for itself.