SG.GS is proud to announce a significant milestone in its global network journey—a strategic expansion into the exciting territories of South Korea and Cambodia; unlocking these markets for customers both connecting into and within the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. 

This sees the company extending its presence into the bustling cities of Seoul and Phnom Penh, marking a pivotal moment in SG.GS's commitment to advancing global connectivity and positioning itself as the premier partner for connectivity in the APAC region. Further aligning with SG.GS's mission to amplify its penetration in Asian markets.

SGGS Global network backbone 2023

Strategic Partnerships

SG.GS's entry into South Korea and Cambodia goes beyond mere expansion; it has also formed strategic partnerships to facilitate last-mile connectivity in both cities. 

By establishing a firm foothold in these vibrant markets, SG.GS aims to not only extend its reach but also create enduring partnerships that drive mutual growth and innovation, and deliver the very best end-to-end connectivity solutions for its customers. 

Unlocking Opportunities for Europe and North America

For businesses based in Europe and North America, SG.GS's expansion into South Korea and Cambodia opens a world of possibilities:

  • Robust Connectivity: SG.GS's strategic initiative guarantees amplified, prompt, and consistent data connections between the Western hemisphere and the thriving East.
  • Expansive Business Avenues: Leveraging South Korea's digital expertise and Cambodia's burgeoning digital landscape, SG.GS creates a multitude of opportunities for businesses with global ambitions.

Investing in Infrastructure and Partnerships

To support this expansion, SG.GS has launched two new Points of Presence (PoPs) at KINX Dogok in Seoul, South Korea, and Metfone VTC6 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Furthermore, SG.GS has expanded their highly peered IP service offerings to an additional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) at KINX in Seoul. These strategic locations and partnerships enable the delivery of last-mile circuits, ensuring that clients have seamless access to a comprehensive range of services, including Ethernet Private Line (EPL), Cloud Connect, Last Mile, Remote Peering, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA), and IP Transit.

Empowering Global Connectivity

With the escalating demand for global connectivity in these rapidly developing economies, SG.GS's latest expansion not only extends its geographical boundaries but also underscores its commitment to quality, mutual growth, and a vision of a globally interconnected business ecosystem. This venture solidifies SG.GS's position as the preferred partner for entities seeking to establish a formidable presence in the dynamic Asian market.

For more information on how SG.GS can empower businesses to tap into, or expand within, the lucrative regions of South Korea and Cambodia, please contact us.

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